• Step One :

Place the mask on your face making sure that the white filter is fitted in place.

• Step Two :

Place the straps over your ears so that the mask fits comfortably.

• Step Three :

Secure the mask with the velcro straps at the base of the back of your neck. Adjust for comfort and secure wear so that the mask fits close to your face.

• Step Four :

Shape the nasal clip with your fingers by pinching the clip gently until comfortable.

⁃ Tip: If you are wearing glasses or sunglasses and have problems with the mask fogging up this should be resolved by making sure the nasal clip is pinched so no air is coming out of the top of the mask.

• Step Five :

Adjust the mask so that it completely and comfortably covers your mouth and nose and does not slip.

• Tip : Always check the exhaust valves are secure by gently twisting them until they feel secure or click.

Storing and Caring for your Airflow mask:

• When the mask is not being worn, it should be stored in a dry place with airflow and minimal dust to ensure that the mask stays clean.

• Remember to change your filter every 1-2 weeks depending on activity level and wear. To dispose of the filter please place it in a plastic bag and put in the trash.

• If you are involved in regular heavy sports activity the filter will need to be changed more often at least once a week or twice a week for more intense activity.

• To dispose of the filter please place it in a plastic bag and put in the trash.

• It is recommended to wash the fabric mask without the filter once a week. Remember to take out the valves BEFORE washing. After the mask is dry you can put the valves back on.

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